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Key Information

The below information has been provided for players. 

  • Please ensure you start on time.
  • Times listed are a guideline.
  • If games finish earlier, please allow 10 minutes after the last game in each round and 30 minutes for lunch.

You can find playing times here

When Starting or Finishing Sectional Rounds & Knockout Matches the following is to apply.

  1. Please commence Trial Ends (first round only) at 8.15am.
  2. Trial ends to be completed by the Scheduled Starting Time.
  3. All Singles Sectional Games have a 2-bowl roll-up in each direction prior to the commencement of each game.
  4. No Trial Ends prior to Scheduled Starting Time for Rounds 2 and 3 for Pairs and Triples.
  5. All knockout rounds are allowed Trial Ends and all games are timed.
  6. Five-minute warning to be announced prior to Scheduled Starting Time.
  7. Matches to start on time. (Sound a bell, horn or another device to signal the start).
  8. Late arrivals – A period of 15 minutes may elapse for late arrival(s) to commence their scheduled match) No trial ends permitted for late arrival(s). Time limit will be enforced as per Scheduled Starting Time. After 15 minutes has elapsed forfeiture of the match will apply.
  9. Notification of Time Limit expiring to be signalled at the end of round. No further ends to be commenced after this time.
  10. Prior to the commencement of all other Sectional Rounds or Knockout Rounds, a Five-Minute Warning is to be given to competitors to make sure they are ready to commence at the Scheduled Starting Time of the next round.
  11. Notification of Time Limit expiring to be signalled at end of each round. (Sound bell, horn or other device) No further ends to be commenced after this time.
  12. Competitors in team events to sign scorecards and return to tournament office in a timely manner at completion of matches.
  13. A marker in Singles matches to return scorecards to tournament office in a timely manner at completion of matches.
  14. ALL Scorecards are to be retrieved at the completion of each round and kept for official scrutineering by the Tournament Organisers.
  15. Please keep events moving at a fast pace as 1 or 2 Knockout Rounds will be completed after Sectional Play.

Need more info? Click here for this Event’s Conditions of Play.

Event Draws

Draws for the 2022 Victorian Open are not yet available.

Events are played at various venues throughout the Greater Shepparton region. Shepparton Park Bowls Club is the headquarters, host club, and finals venue for the tournament. The event is played over eight days with the final four days played as Knockouts.

Please note the BowlsLink system for this year will only have search capability on the person who entered the player/team.

For the full listing of players please click on the PDF documents below.

Singles PairsTriplesMixed Pairs
Men’s SinglesMen’s PairsMen’s TriplesMixed Pairs
Women’s SinglesWomen’s PairsWomen’s Triples 

Match Results

Event Schedule

2022 Host Venues – TBC

2019 Prizemoney Breakdown

WinnerRunner UpEqual 3rdQuarter FinalistsLast 16
Men’s Singles$2,000$1,000$400$150$100
Men’s Pairs$1,000$500$300$150$70
Mens Triples$1,000$500$250$135$60
Women’s Singles$2,000$1,000$400$150$100
Women’s Pairs$1,000$500$300$150$70
Women’s Triples$1,000$500$250$135$60
Mixed Pairs$1,000$500$300$150$70
VIC MEDAL$2,000    
    Purse Total:$50,080

Pancare MegaBowl

Watch this space!




Entry Fee:


Conditions of Play

Event Feedback

To help grow and develop the Victorian Open, we encourage players and spectators to provide feedback about your experience at the event.

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