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Event Draw & Results

The event draw for the 2019 Victorian Open will be released in late October. Once play commences, scores and results will also be available here.

Event Draw – 2018

Note: Singles competition. In the Singles Competition Portal where it states BYE the players will be marking. Winner of first game marks the second game as per the conditions of play.

Men’s Singles Sectional Knockout
Men’s Pairs Sectional Knockout
Men’s Triples Sectional Knockout
Women’s Singles Sectional Knockout
Women’s Pairs Sectional Knockout
Women’s Triples Sectional Knockout
Mixed Pairs Sectional Knockout

Knockout Bracket // Tuesday, November 20 

Women’s Triples Knockout Bracket
Men’s Triples 
Knockout Bracket
Men’s Pairs
Knockout Bracket
Women’s Pairs
Knockout Bracket

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